Collaboratively connecting actions, people, research, and resources for healthcare transformation.






I’m Monique Walsh

I am a scholar-practitioner and certified facilitator working in healthcare leadership.

Healthcare is a uniquely challenging sector. It is easy to feel like you are always leading from a reactive place, moving from one crisis to another instead of being proactive.

My work intentionally connects action, people, research, and resources to purpose. I do this by contributing ideas and activities at the intersection of academia and healthcare system transformation, specifically in the collaborative space. Integrating practice and theory, I take the best parts from both to help inform the other.

When we apply this model of integration, positive outcomes are a natural result. Systemic improvements are made by changing how we collaborate in healthcare and include shifts in partnerships, processes, and leaders that not only deliver collaborative results but provide a more supportive, compassionate work environment.


See What’s Possible for Healthcare.

Together, we can create individual skills and organizational structures that distribute leadership, inspire broad engagement, and still deliver on the need for accountability and results that we ask of our healthcare leaders.

I support experienced healthcare leaders, and their teams, to strategically navigate complex challenges through co-creation, research, and facilitation.

Three Phase Approach

Co- Creation

Find ways to engage your community in planning.

Co-design and implementation of strategies, co-development of guiding principles and recommendations, as well as the collection and sharing of data through storytelling.


Explore how we learn in the work place.

Qualitative research and teaching in the space of learning, collaboration, socio-materiality, and healthcare.


Pay attention to process so the end results stick.

Facilitation, specifically focused on partnership building and health system transformation.

Navigate Healthcare Transformation

It can be hard to provide the expected services and accountability we need from our healthcare system. I know how frustrating and at times daunting it can be to not get the engagement and retention the system requires. It is easy to feel like you are always leading from a reactive place, moving from one crisis to another crisis instead of being proactive.

By finding new ways to look at situations and resources we can move past the place of being stuck and take inspired action. You can feel competent and capable as a leader. Your team will see how connected and interlinked to the bigger picture their work really is. With support, you can be creative, collaborative, and find ways to change the system in a meaningful way.

I am continuously inspired by those that work in healthcare and would be honoured to support you.