Healthcare is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week commitment. Moving to a place of engagement, proactiveness, and clarity is worth taking steps today so that you and your teams are making each action count. With the right support, your team can move forward with purpose, curiosity and collaboration.


I’m Monique Walsh.

I am a certified facilitator and consultant with a background in healthcare leadership. I support experienced healthcare leaders and their collaborative teams navigate complex challenges and move their mission forward with intention, buy-in and success.

Healthcare is like no other field I have worked in. It is easy to feel like you are always leading from a reactive place, moving from one crisis to another instead of being proactive.



Together, we can create structures that distribute leadership, inspire broad engagement, and still deliver on the need for accountability and reporting that we ask of our healthcare leaders.

My process involves a three-phase approach to facilitate collaborative change. My experience has demonstrated that no two trees are alike,  growth is not linear and that health care is an ecosystem.

Three Phase Approach

Facilitating a participatory way of learning through process is important to my approach in the assessment phase.

Taking an ecosystem approach to working with you and your team means that I begin to clarify these connections for people so that the tools, resources, and deliverables are aligned strategically and explicitly woven into the bigger picture.


Using tree rings in my approach to training and development of resources I acknowledge the work that was done in the past and, with your team, we build off of it.

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It can be hard to provide the expected services and accountability we need from our healthcare system. I know how frustrating and at times daunting it can be to not get engagement and retention the system demands. It is easy to feel like you are always leading from a reactive place, moving from one crisis to another crisis instead of being proactive.

 By finding new ways to look at situations and resources we can move past the place of being stuck and take inspired action. You can feel competent and capable as a leader. Your team will see how connected and interlinked to the bigger picture their work really is. With support, you can be creative, collaborative, and find ways to change the system in a meaningful way.

 I am continuously inspired by those that work in healthcare and would be honoured to support you.