Hello, I’m Monique.

I’m a scholar-practitioner and certified facilitator working in healthcare leadership. I support experienced healthcare leaders, and their teams, to strategically navigate complex challenges through engagement, research, and facilitation.

I was drawn into healthcare over a decade ago, specifically as a non-clinically trained professional. I recognized that the skills of adult education, co-creation, facilitation, and communications were needed in the industry. I witnessed the passion in so many healthcare teams, clinicians, administrators, and executives, but passion wasn’t always enough to get the results they were looking for.

My work intentionally connects action, people, research, and resources for healthcare transformation. I do this by contributing ideas and activities at the intersection of academia and healthcare system transformation, specifically in the collaborative space. Integrating practice and theory, I take the best parts from both to help inform the other.

By facilitating collaborative change, I support a shift in thinking, partnerships, processes, and leaders to help organizations lay clear implementation strategies that not only deliver on their mission but also provide a more supportive, compassionate work environment.

My Experience

I have collaboratively led healthcare planning, health care policy delivery, governance work, and community engagement initiatives that align different partners and their visions toward an integrated direction. I have held positions of program manager, facilitator, director, and executive director. As a result of my professional experiences, I have a deep understanding of how siloed the work can feel and how we can more effectively integrate to strengthen teams, relationships, and vision.

I have worked with organizational leaders and teams to:

  • Build community partnerships;
  • Work collaboratively;
  • Maximize funding resources;
  • Design comprehensive strategic plans;
  • Develop and implement actionable and customized change management strategies;
  • Move through organizational structure change;
  • Develop and member and partner engagement strategies;
  • Communicate at a governance and leadership level;
  • Implement team development, and
  • Align annual planning and deliverables with strategic direction.

I am an internationally certified facilitator and held the position of Canadian correspondent for the International Association of Facilitators global blog for three years. Additionally, I was selected as an innovative community leader to participate in a Leading Communities’ certificate program for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

My Education

I hold a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of British Columbia. My doctoral research traced how learning and collaboration in primary care workplaces changed over time with the onset of COVID-19. I documented how collaboration and learning shifted by analyzing which types of boundaries were constructed and when. As people and objects interact with each another, collaboration and learning become more traceable. I argued that increasing our understanding of, and bringing awareness to, the process of collaboration we may be able to change our collaborative approaches and be better positioned to deliver more effectively on policies that call for increased collaboration in healthcare.

I hold a Masters in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University. Where my research focused on workplace learning and culture. I now support experienced healthcare leaders navigate complexity through co-creation, research, and facilitation.

My research interests include:
boundary construction; collaboration; healthcare; sociomateriality; workplace learning.