Hello, I’m Monique,

Certified facilitator and consultant with a background in healthcare leadership. I support experienced healthcare leaders and their teams to navigate complex challenges and move their mission forward with intention, buy-in, and success.

I was drawn into healthcare a decade ago, specifically as a non-clinically trained professional. I recognized that the skills of adult education, facilitation, and communications were needed in the industry. I witnessed the passion in so many healthcare teams, clinicians, administrators, and executives, but passion wasn’t always enough to get the results they were looking for.

By facilitating collaborative change, I support a shift in thinking and structures to occur and help organizations lay clear implementation strategies that deliver on their mission.

My Experience

I have collaboratively led healthcare planning, health care policy delivery, governance work, and community engagement initiatives that align different stakeholders and their visions toward an integrated direction. I have held positions of Program Manager, Facilitator and Executive Director. As a result of my professional experiences, I have a deep understanding of how siloed the work can feel and how we can more effectively integrate to strengthen teams, relationships, and vision.

I have worked with organizational leaders and teams to:

  • build community partnerships,
  • work collaboratively,
  • maximize funding resources,
  • design comprehensive strategic plans,
  • pursue internally led initiatives,
  • move through organizational structure changes,
  • develop member and partner engagement strategies,
  • implement team development and,
  • align annual planning and deliverables with strategic direction.

I am an internationally certified facilitator and held the position of Canadian correspondent for the International Association of Facilitators global blog for three years. Additionally, I was selected as an innovate community leader to participate in a Leading Communities’ certificate program for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

My Education

As a doctoral candidate, my research focuses on collaboration and the co-constructing of boundaries in healthcare.

For part of my dissertation, I am working on the development of an educational tool kit to support learning how to collaborate. The hope is this resource can further support individuals and organizations engaged in health care transformation. This includes a series of exercises that help shift teams thinking on what it means to collaborate by exploring the people, the objects, and the interactions that are all part of a collaborative experience.

I hold a Masters in Adult Education, particularly focused on workplace learning. I now support experienced healthcare leaders navigate complexity and move their mission forward with intention, buy-in and success.