Find simple solutions to complex challenges.

Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

You are struggling to find the time to meet your operational and strategic responsibilities.

You need buy-in from multiple stakeholders.

Your challenges are so complex there seems to be no right way forward.

It is hard to lead collaborative teams through this place of uncertainty. I offer leaders and their teams simple solutions to find their path forward in complex situations, structures, and silos. This shift can have a dramatic effect on retention of medical professionals and long-lasting changes in workplace environments and culture that begin to impact patient outcomes in a positive way.

By booking a consultation, you can begin to move toward a solution today.


The Intake Process


Schedule your consultation. This is a 30 minute meeting where we will determine a path forward.


I will create a proposal including recommended actions, a timeline and budget to reach your solution.



You will receive custom presentation materials to share with your leadership team to create buy-in to move forward.

Together, we can find the path forward through assessment, facilitation, planning, and linking your actions to your strategy.


I have a skilled team and collaborative partnerships, why do we need external support?

It is sometimes difficult for operational teams to have the capacity, time knowledge, or desire to move to a strategic planning place without some additional support. It is hard to imagine implementation strategies for change when they already feel they are doing their best or are already stretched too thin. Likewise, there is sometimes a disconnect between leadership’s expectations for change with the current skills, capacity, and motivation within operations. Bringing in an external, neutral consultant can help with bridging between the strategy and operations. You do have a skilled team and yes you could do this on your own but is it their top priority? As long as your team has competeing focuses this work will feel as though it is ‘off the side of their desk’. Bringing in external support can help their skills, expertise and leadership shine.

In order for me to invest in this service I will need a committee, board or senior leadership team to also agree. How do I show them the value of your service?

Following our initial consult, I will put together a short slide deck that you can share with your senior leadership, board, or committee to support the conversation on why this is valuable and an investment worth making. The slide deck will cover the objectives we discuss in our consult, my approach, and how we intend to measure success.

Why should we do this work now? I’m worried we don’t have the time to do this work well.

It is important to consider what time in an annual cycle makes the most sense to embark on a project like this. However, the challenge with never starting is these things tend to fester and take more time and resources in the end. Consideration on timing is certainly advisable. During our initial consult we can discuss the capacity requirements needed for your specific situation and when might be the best time for your team to begin.

How do other executive healthcare leaders find a budget line for this kind of service?

In working with other executive healthcare leaders, they will often attribute these service costs to meeting or event expenses as well contractor fees that they available to use at their discretion. At times it is even possible to reallocate salary expenses on unfilled positions to cover this work. There is a business case to be made for your return on investment. During the initial consult we can discuss what specific funding requirements you have to work with to deliver this work and arrive at a proposed solution to share with your committee, board, or other senior leadership.

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